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Renee Dent Blankenship
art + design
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About the artist & creative
LIVING ALONG THE GULF COAST all my life, especially from our beach cottage to Mobile to New Orleans ... plus all the wonderful travels in between ... has given me a distinctly Southern perspective in my art. Pieces are inspired by the traditions, grace and beauty of these Southern places and the people as well as the architecture, music, flora & fauna, and folklore of the region. 

SINCE MY FIRST PENCILS AND PAINT BRUSHES as a young child and piano lessons with a strict, Julliard-trained teacher I adored, I enjoyed the freedom and beauty of the arts. As a young girl photographing with my father then later receiving my first Nikon camera as a gift from him, my love affair with photography and all its possibilities was complete. This became my focus. I was determined to always incorporate the creative process and the arts throughout my life and career. My friends and family have always urged me on and been so supportive. I am constantly photographing and sketching or writing in my journals using the South as my muse.

IT HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL journey. My undergraduate and graduate degrees honed my talents. I worked commercially in photojournalism, an ad agency and even taught my creative passions for a while. One day my husband, who is my biggest fan and supporter, suggested I take the work I did in a completely personal, creative direction with my own art and design business. It is the perfect fit for me! 

OVER THE YEARS, my photography has been published and placed in galleries, public spaces and private collections; my writing has been printed in journals, magazines and newspapers; even my art and design work in stationery, home and lifestyle which is heavily drawn from my photography has been sold wholesale for several years. Now some of these artistic works are offered online. I continue to delight in this creative adventure.

ENJOY THIS TRIP with me .... and, as always, thanks for your interest in my work.

If you would like to become a wholesale or commercial client
With the South 
as muse and subject 
of my art + design